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Invest in a wide range of income producing investments including term deposits, government and corporate bonds, residential mortgage backed securities and subordinated debt.


Access higher yielding bonds from well-known, quality issuers that you can’t invest in elsewhere.


Become part of an investment service that is responsible for $6 billion in funds and more than 35,000 transactions.

Our Current Offers

If you are looking to invest in high yield fixed income Bond Hub gives you access to the same bonds that high income and credit funds are buying without the expense of ongoing management fees. Why pay a fund manager high management and inflated performance fees when you can access the same bonds and hold them directly with Bond Hub. 

Our market professionals scour the wholesale market each day and present the bonds that we think show exceptional value. We list over 150 bonds available in the wholesale markets daily however we do the hard work for you and select the bonds that we think offer good risk adjusted returns.


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The easiest place to invest and manage your portfolio.

We’ve made transacting in cash, term deposits, bonds, subordianted debt and residential mortgage backed securities really easy. With our online hub it just takes two clicks to:

  • View and compare rates and bond offers
  • Chose the investment that you want
  • Place your trade online
  • Receive automated trade confirmations
  • View and manage your portfolio
  • Run valuation and other reports
  • Export data to provide to your accountant or advisor

Corporate bonds.

Access over 100 bonds issued by the commonwealth government, state governments and corporate issuers.

Term deposits.

Access Australia’s largest range of term deposits from over 45 ADIs.

For Financial advisers

BondHub makes it easy to trade and manage your client’s income portfolios all through the one portal.
Special features include:

  • An aggregated view of all client portfolios
  • Simple functionality to switch between client portfolios
  • Consolidated or single client reporting
  • Data export for use with other systems

About Us

BondHub is powered by Laminar Capital, one of Australia’s leading providers of fixed income products and services.

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